Do your homeschool plans include potentially returning to the public schools at some point?

Plan ahead. Contact your local schools as far in advance as possible and ask what their requirements are for incoming students, and what options are available for placement. For most students in grades K-8, placement will be based upon age, but work directly with your school for the best results. Some schools will request a report card, which you can easily make for yourself using any word processor or spreadsheet program, or by searching for a free template on the web.

If you student is returning to high school, this change is best accomplished in the freshman year, as many high schools are unable to award credit for homeschool classes taken, making graduation difficult. In fact, many families who plan to return to high school elect to do a trial year in 8th grade, simply to reacclimatize to the school environment before the high school transcript is initiated, to assist with placement into any appropriate honors, advanced placement, sports, arts, or special education programs, and to verify whether the public schools are the right choice for your family.

Homeschooling high school is very rewarding and can be quite successful, but you should be sure you are prepared to go the distance before you start, because returning to the public schools in high school can be difficult. With some planning ahead and good communication, any transition back to the Delaware public schools in grades K-8 should proceed smoothly.

NB: We typically recommend homeschoolers register as ungraded, rather than in a specific grade. Because schools will work with the student and to determine placement, a planned return to the public schools is no reason to need to register in a particular grade level each year. Registering as ungraded should not present any difficulty with a transition back to public school.