The homeschooling world can be as inclusive, or as divided, as the larger world in which we live. It’s useful to understand this as we explore materials, resources, and groups around Delaware as they relate to homeschooling. Where relevant, certain materials may be labeled as religious or secular, not to create a divide, but to alert people who might be attempting to make personal choices that are important to them. We generally encourage all homeschoolers to embrace the wider world and be as inclusive as possible.

Secular homeschooling as labeled in this site will be of an inclusive secular style– if a particular curriculum or group is solidly secular in practice, it will be included in this label even if the author or leader happens to have religious convictions, or an event takes place in a place of worship. Where possible, this will be noted. We take this approach because we believe homeschool parents are adults capable of making their own decisions when given relevant information. That said, so-called “Neutral” curriculum and texts will not receive a secular label, as we find this to be intellectually dishonest and academically problematic. For example, for a scientist, the concept of evolution underpins the entire field of modern biology, and a “neutral” course cannot be rescued by simply studying a chapter on evolution and inserting it into a course. Similarly, a “neutral” course is often dissatisfying for some religious homeschoolers for the identical reason. Such courses will therefore have their own signifier, “NRS,” meaning “Neither Religious nor Secular perspective supported.” We are not going to engage in arguments about designating an item as secular, however if we do make an error, please contact us with an example and we will make any necessary corrections.

Religious homeschooling as labeled on this site will also be of an inclusive style, as we simply don’t have the resources to necessarily always identify the religious intent or background of each item. Where it is known, it might be labeled, and you may feel welcome to contact us to clarify a label, for material that supports Islam might not be satisfactory to a fundamentalist Christian, and vice versa, or a program that is written to support a Catholic point of view is sometimes requested, and having the label might be helpful to some of our homeschoolers.

In sum, where possible, we will attempt to be clear about any relevant content mentioned on this site. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser or participant, not of this site, to decide whether material is right for your household, before purchasing. We are only providing some helpful pointers and guidelines, not a a definitive work on the matter. Borrow items from another homeschooler or the library, see if a publisher offers a free preview or trial, or contact the author or person in charge of an event if you need more definitive clarification. The prevailing theme through this site is– now that you are homeschooling, you, and nobody else, are responsible for your choices!