• Create your homeschool do this once when you are ready to begin with a child of compulsory school age (age 5 or older as of August 31 of the current school year, through at least age 16, or until graduation). You do not need to create a homeschool to “homeschool preschool” (or as we call it, parenting) or to start kindergarten early.
  • Enroll your child or childrendo this once as soon as your homeschool has been opened by the Delaware Department of Education (DE DOE). If you have additional children join your homeschool, enroll them at the time they join your school.
  • Report attendance do this annually, by the end of July, through the online reporting system. Attendance counts days from August 1– July 31 each year, regardless of your own personal school calendar. Interesting note: although most homeschoolers report in the neighborhood of 180 days, that number is not actually required of non-public schools in Delaware.
  • Confirm enrollmentdo this annually, by October 5, through the online reporting system. All Delaware schools, public and non-public, carry out this task. When you confirm enrollment for each child, you can adjust grade levels, remove students, and any other housekeeping that needs to be done.
  • Report graduationdo this once, when your child is ready to graduate from high school. Reporting graduation is nice so that if anybody ever studies us, homeschoolers have true graduation rates reflected in the record.
  • Close your homeschool do this once, when you are no longer operating a homeschool. The DOE has a huge job to manage all of us and our records. It is courteous to close your school once it is no longer operating. simply call or email the DOE if the option is not available in the online system.

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