The state of Delaware does not provide us with teaching resources; as we have chosen to self-direct our child’s education, we are on our own for this part! But fear not– there is a wide world of resources available for every budget, ability level, grade level, and subject area, whether you prefer crafted homeschool resources, traditional textbooks, online resources, all-in-one programs, or a blend of everything! We cannot possibly list everything here– the field is too vast– but we’ll list (and eventually link) to some popular books, curricula, packages, and providers.

Please note: these links and lists are NOT endorsements or recommendations from HAND. Only you can decide for your family whether the resource is the right fit. While quality can vary widely, sometimes the “best” resource is the one that will actually get done, rather than the one “everybody” loves. Take declarations that one particular program is the “best for gifted learners” or “the definitive in this field” with a grain of salt. In any given area, there are usually several high quality choices. It might take more than one try before finding a program that is suitable in terms of time, materials, pricing, depth, quality, and scope!

Also, many publishers will offer “try before you buy” or sample chapters for free. It is strongly recommended that you use that offer, or look through materials owned by another homeschooler, or borrow some from the library before investing in any particularly expensive materials. Not all resources below are sorted into secular or non-secular. These resources might be something that we simply choose not to try to categorize.

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Resource links

subject Resources:

  • Electives
  • English and Language Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Health and Phys Ed
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Local umbrella schools
  • Mathematics (see also science for computer science)
  • Music, Art, and Theater
  • Online schools
  • School in a box
  • Science (including computer science)
  • Science– non-secular

Delaware Resources:

Secular resources:

Non-secular Resources:

Age group Resources:

  • Pre-K
  • Grammar Stage (K–4th)
  • Logic Stage (5th–8th)
  • Rhetoric Stage (9th–12th)

Umbrella Schools and CO-ops

Vendor Resources:

There are literally THOUSANDS of vendors of books, programs, curricula, and homeschool support services. We can’t even pretend to list them all, or even “the best.” But this list will give you a good starting point to understand some of the breadth of what is available to you!

  • Build Your Library — K-12 (12 coming soon) school in a box grade by grade daily plans and book lists, and unit studies
  • CK12 – (not K12) – a wealth of FREE textbooks, primarily in math, science, history, and health, written by teachers and field experts, that you can select, customize, and include interactive components for and sometimes even exams and teacher guides
  • Coursera – one of the first MOOC’s (massive open online courses) offers higher level online courses from college instructors in many subject areas at a very low price
  • Critical Thinking Company– logic, history, writing, grammar, and more in fun, short books for K-12
  • Discovery K12 – (not the same as K12) – an all-in-one online homeschool
  • Evan-Moor – a wealth of workbooks for all ages and subjects, for the kid who loves workbooks or the subject that needs a little review
  • The Great Courses – a subscription streaming service to advanced courses across traditional and elective disciplines
  • Hoagies – the resource page for families of gifted students
  • Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op – free to join, find discounts on popular and obscure curriculum packages here, as well as a free student ID card.
  • Home Science Tools– one stop shopping for many science kits and individual supplies
  • Horrible Ray— Ray offers an array of unusual or harder to find books, and offers a discount for larger orders. Art of Problem Solving, Horrible Histories, Life of Fred, and more
  • MEP Math – a free math curriculum available online, courtesy of our British neighbors.
  • Nature Watch – lower cost, high quality science kits for all ages
  • Oak Meadow – either online K-12 classes or purchase books to implement at home. Look for the Oak Meadow Facebook group as well for tips and support
  • Online G3 – online classes for gifted learners
  • Outschool – online classes with rolling start times and duration of 1 day to a full semester, with a variety of topics from introductory spanish to the Zombie Apocalypse to Harry Potter Potions Class
  • Pennsylvania Homeschoolers – offers online Advanced Placement courses to students around the world
  • Rainbow Resource– one stop shopping for many homeschool needs, K-12
  • Royal Fireworks Press – Michael Clay Thompson grammar, vocabulary, poetics, and unit studies
  • Teachers Pay Teachers – a wealth of free and paid resources created by classroom teachers; some materials are more suited to classroom use, so look carefully before purchasing
  • The Well Trained Mind — publisher of how to homeschool, grammar, history, writing, and other helpful materials, including a message and support forum for classical homeschoolers
  • The Well Trained Mind Academy – rigorous, online classes for K-12 in almost every subject area
  • Z-Twist Books– the publisher of Life of Fred, with a money-back guarantee

Planning Guides & books

Note: Amazon links might be affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking an affiliate link that means your purchase will support the maintenance of this site. However, you are free to explore your options to find a cheaper price, used copies, borrow the book from the library, or whatever is appropriate for you– there is no obligation to purchase using the affiliate links, as appreciated as it is.