In most, though not necessarily all, districts in the state of Delaware, beginning to homeschool high school is a big commitment for one reason that applies beyond the considerations for the pre-high school ages: most Delaware high schools will not honor homeschool work completed for credit. So plan to commit to homeschooling through graduation once the freshman year starts, or to accept that your student, if returning to public school, might need to repeat a year (or more). The reverse is not true, though. Even during high school, you may still choose to begin homeschooling at any time, as long as your student is not truant.

If you are unsure of whether a change might be good for high school, you might find it helpful to follow the strategy some homeschoolers have found helpful– use 8th grade as a trial year to see how school (or homeschooling) goes. This way you can test the waters before that 9th grade decision frame rolls in.

Do not let this state of affairs deter you from home schooling high school! With a good plan in place, and dedication from the parent and teen, homeschooling high school is typically both rewarding and highly successful! The parent-issued diploma is just as valid as a state-issued diploma, as is a parent-issued transcript. Do your homework ahead of time– know the requirements for the type of post-graduation goals your student has, whether it be college, military, employment, or other– and use those requirements to help guide your high school plans and graduation requirements, alongside your student’s personal aspirations.

If life throws you a curveball and you find yourself wishing to re-enroll your student in your public school, start by contacting the school and speak with the principal about how they might handle any credits or work or exams such as SATs or AP exams your student has already taken. But when starting to homeschool high school, begin this journey under the assumption that you are in it until graduation at this point! With planning and dedication, either homeschooling, public schooling, or private schooling can provide your teen with a solid foundation for whatever lies ahead in life.