6/6/21 — Attendance reporting is now OPEN for the 2020-2021 school year. As a reminder: If you started homeschooling partway through the school year, you need only report the number of days you were homeschooling; the school your child/ren attended earlier in the year will report their attendance to that school. Also, you only report the “school days” in your attendance report, not weekends, holidays, etc. For most homeschoolers, attendance is 100%, because if you didn’t do school, it was not in session. For instructions and a step-by-step walkthrough, please see our attendance page.

1/19/21 — Big changes from the College Board will impact homeschoolers planning to apply to a college that has traditionally required 2 SAT Subject tests from homeschooled applicants. In a press release released this afternoon, the College Board confirmed that it is discontinuing SAT Subject Tests, as well as the essay portion of the regular SAT, and that it is focusing its efforts on developing a digital version of the SAT as well as pouring more effort into the AP brand. We do not yet know how colleges will respond to these changes, but it is time to stop prepping for the SAT subject tests if you are currently doing so.

8/12/20 — WHAT is going on with Enrollment and new homeschools? Hang in there, folks! The Delaware Department of Ed website that manages enrollment and new homeschools is about to undergo a transition to a new look and a new hosting site. It will be down from August 13-17, and hopefully after that, it will be up and running smoothly. Once everything is back online, we’ll post links and directions for you on how to open your new homeschool, or how to confirm your enrollment for the 2020/2021 school year. It is technically open today, and you are welcome to use it, but we aren’t going to post an extensive list of updates for just this one day. In the meantime, remember that you can begin your homeschool journey any time– you do not need permission to teach your children! You just need to file the paperwork before making a change to your child’s attendance at whatever school they are currently registered in, so after the 17th, get it done before pulling them out of school.

6/3/20 — Attendance Reporting is now OPEN! You can go directly to the DOE attendance reporting website and jump right in, or you can use the handy walkthrough to get step by step directions that were written by a homeschooler going through the process. The new and improved reporting site is very user-friendly, and the new system allows some homeschoolers to also complete fall enrollment for next year! <note: Whoops, I forgot to insert the URL into the FAQ; until I fix that, please use the link in this notice> The attendance reporting window for 2020 closed on 7/31/20. If you have not yet reported attendance, please contact the DOE ASAP.

  • 10/1/2019– DEADLINES approach!
  • All homeschoolers: October 5 is the final deadline to confirm enrollment for the year! All Delaware homeschoolers must complete this step annually to keep your homeschool open! Do NOT wait until the last minute, or Murphy’s Law guarantees there will be a password issue.
  • Graduating seniors heading to college: Oct 5 is is the deadline to register for the November SAT administration! For colleges with January application deadlines, November and December are the last dates your student can take the SAT or SAT subject test. See our tips for registering with the College board!
  • High school students: Remember that the AP exam registrations have moved to FALL this year. It is not too early to start contacting test centers to verify where your student can take their AP exams and get details on when and how to register for that location. Many locations order their exams earlier than the College Board deadlines!

8/26/2019 — Do you have a high school student who needs disability accommodations to take the SAT’s? Remember that it might take up to 7 weeks to get accommodations approved, so don’t delay! You can read more tips about taking the SAT or ACT here!

8/9/2019 — UPDATE: The DOE thought it would be highly entertaining to change the entire system several hours after opening enrollment confirmation up to us, change all of the screens, require new instructions, and even require a brand new web page to launch from. So here is your new and improved step by step walkthrough of the enrollment confirmation process. You are welcome! NB: If you completed enrollment confirmation prior to the new form going live, you need to do it again. If you log in, and following the instructions, see a blue “Confirm Enrollment” button next to your child’s name, you need to repeat your enrollment confirmation. If the space at the end of the line has a date in it, then you do NOT need to repeat the confirmation and you can be on your way. PS This probably means I need to go back in and change a lot of DOE-related links because they’re moving web pages around again. Feel free to email us if you find a broken link that I miss!

8/9/2019 — The annual enrollment confirmation process is now OPEN. Please confirm enrollment before Oct 5! If you are opening a new homeschool for the 2019-2020 school year, this is also the time to do so. Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough of the enrollment confirmation process. <Link removed– DOE changed things a few hours later– see announcement above>

8/13/19 — We are starting to fill out the Sports, PE, and Athletics page! If you have a favorite activity that is just for homeschoolers in Delaware, please drop us a line and let us know how to list it! We’ll be happy to add to the page!

7/24/19 — Art Contest, deadline August 12! Win a DE State Park Annual Pass, and have your artwork displayed as street art! Entry Form and Rules here. The organizer, Evan Deckers, passed along this information to us (no affiliation with HAND):

Did you know that storm drains connect our cities to local waterways? Storm drains reduce flooding, but also help pollutants on the road reach our rivers! WATER YOU DOING to protect your local stream or river? Use your creativity to remind citizens that our storm drains connect to local waterways. We only want rain down the drain and we need your help. Enter the ‘WATER YOU DOING’ art contest for a chance to win a DE State Park Annual Pass and see your art turned into street art! Go to: www.NanticokeRiver.org/WYD for entry form, rules, prizes, and more info. Questions? Contact Evan Deckers at 410-443-8878 or evandeckers@nanticokeriver.org

My name is Evan Deckers and I work for a small non-profit called the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance (NWA). Our offices are in Vienna Maryland, but we work all over the Nanticoke Watershed, which includes most of Sussex County. We are a non-advocacy group that focuses on building partnerships between different stakeholders along the river to promote long-term health of our river communities. My role with the NWA is to help ensure that all our materials are educational, with a focus on stormwater management and nonpoint source pollution. This means that I work with both adults and students to help them gain a better understanding of how their actions on land can have a big impact on local waterways, even if they don’t live right along a stream or river. I also promote recreation on the river and encourage folks to get out and explore the natural beauty with which the Delmarva has been graced!

6/6/19 — Congratulations to all Delaware homeschool graduates!

6/6/19 — Parents of college-bound homeschool grads– don’t forget to log back in to your counselor page on the Common App and send in the final School Report and final transcript for your graduating student! And if your graduate attended any local colleges while in high school, such as Del Tech or UD, remember to send an official transcript to the new college before freshman orientation, so that any transfer credits are in place before course selection time!

6/4/19– Do you have a new Delaware homeschool grad? Share your pride– tell us something about your homeschool journey, share a photo or two, tell us about the post-graduation plans. We will publish your stories on this site! email us at hanofde@gmail.com

6/2/19 — The Attendance Reporting System is now open! Be sure to report attendance before July 31! Have a great summer! UPDATE: August 1, 2019: Attendance reporting is now closed.