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Admissions (books)

Note: Book links on this page are affiliate links, and will generate a few humble pennies to support the upkeep of this currently ad-free page. However, they might not lead to the least expensive purchasing option. While purchasing via the links is always appreciated, you are most welcome to explore all of your options, including the public library, at no obligation! As always, HAND is for all Delaware homeschoolers, no strings attached.

Applications (Delaware college pages for homeschoolers, and the Common App)

When applying to colleges, be sure to specifically search for “homeschool admissions” for each institution to which your teen is applying. Many universities and colleges have specific homeschool requirements– and they aren’t always easy to find, or even linked to the main admissions page– and it will be your job to know these requirements.

NEVER allow yourself to be persuaded that your high school graduate needs a GED to apply! In Delaware, a parent-issued diploma is a valid diploma, and homeschooled graduates are high school graduates. The GED exam is not for high school graduates; it is for students who were unable to complete a high school education. Because your student is a high school graduate, taking the GED is inappropriate. You are also NOT required to be a member of any homeschool association for your diploma or transcript to be legitimate. DO be sure to include the words “Official Transcript” at the top of your student’s transcript, and sign and date it. Include your registered DOE school number on the document.

Some institutions will prefer a public-school accredited diploma, and may require additional materials from homeschoolers, to validate educational quality. These materials may include a portfolio of work, a graded paper, evidence of some externally-graded classes such as dual-enrollment classes, or SAT scores not required of other students. This is because unlike larger schools with which they have a longstanding relationship from which to measure quality or meaning of grades, they have little to compare your grades to without getting to know your student better. As long as it isn’t a GED, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask.

  • Most colleges and universities now accept the Common Application. Be sure to that in addition to your student creating a student account, you the parent should create a counselor account; this is where you will upload official transcripts, a school description, and keep track of the application process. At the end of the school year, you will need to upload a final transcript– set a reminder!
  • University of Delaware > Scroll down to “Homeschooled Applicants and Non-Accredited High Schools.”
  • Delaware State University does not list any special requirements applicable to homeschoolers.
  • Wilmington University has its own page for homeschooled applicants! WTG Wilmington University!
  • Goldey-Beacom college admissions page does have any special instructions for homeschoolers.
  • Delaware Technical and Community College has a slightly confused set of requirements for homeschoolers, but the simplest path is to provide a set of solid SAT scores or take their Accu-placer exam. The best course is to contact their admissions office for details.
  • Wesley College does not list any special requirements for homeschoolers.
  • Delaware College of Art and Design does not list any special requirements for homeschoolers.


  • The College Board: Your site for the PSAT, SAT, SAT-2, and AP exams, registration information, fees, schedules, scores, score reporting, what to bring, test prep books, and more.
  • The ACT organization page: Your site for everything related to the ACT.

Delaware Scholarships

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