L. Homeschooled in Delaware from the age of 10 until his high school graduation at 18. He was accepted at multiple colleges, in the honors program in each college or university where he was accepted, as well as a World Scholars program and an elite Cybersecurity Scholars program, and received substantial merit scholarships to each accepted college. He ultimately chose the University of Delaware, feeling that the quality was high and the value after merit aid was excellent. He is continuing as an honors student in the College of Engineering. He won a freshman writing award, and has routinely made the Dean’s List and won multiple internships both on and off campus, building his resume before even graduating. His top tip for current homeschoolers: read widely, and study what you love, but make room for all of your subjects, because it’s not unusual to change majors after going to college, even when you head off feeling certain of what you want to do. Take a few courses at the college level if you can before you finish homeschooling, because it will lighten your load during your first year or two in college, or give you room to take electives that really interest you.