Welcome to the amazing world of homeschooling! Whether you have already decided that this is the path for your family, you still have questions, or perhaps you have a family member who is homeschooling and you are curious about how this enterprise works, asking questions is a great place to start. As a homeschooler, you will quickly become used to doing research– about curriculum, philosophy, methods, planning, and more, and finding your way here is a great first step!

Middle school science: chemistry

Despite prevailing stereotypes, Delaware homeschool families are comprised of all backgrounds and types of families, many faith traditions including atheist, pantheist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, and more. Single parents and working parents in Delaware have successfully homeschooled, as well as families from all income levels and educational backgrounds. The Delaware homeschool community is an inclusive community.

Does homeschooling work? Yes. Homeschooling is now very well-established. It is legal in all 50 states, including Delaware, where we have a thriving homeschool community with well over 1,000 registered homeschool families and many more students enrolled in multi-family hybrid or umbrella schools. Delaware homeschoolers go on to be accepted at colleges and universities nationwide, often with merit scholarships in hand if they have worked hard. Still others are successfully pursing trade schools, the arts, careers in the military, and careers after graduating from a Delaware homeschool, and still others are involved in raising a family, secure in having a great education, a safe environment, and solid emotional and social foundations! Homeschooling is hard work. It requires being involved on a daily basis, because you are replacing a bevy of highly trained professionals who dedicate full-time jobs to educating your children. But with dedication and planning, you and your children can be very successful.

Importantly, homeschooling defies all manner of preconceived ideas, the most important of which is that homeschooling need not look at all like a re-creation of the public school room at home. So as you contemplate your homeschool future, set aside for now thoughts about acquiring school desks, a chalk board, and a big ugly clock. Don’t fret that your house isn’t large enough for a dedicated school room or a reading circle! Although some families find these things work well for them, many homeschoolers do just fine without the trappings of the formal school room. Your new school experience will only be limited by your imagination– and ultimately, by the imaginations of your children.